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  • Assessment & Planning Services

    Port-P offers VMware capacity planning free of charge for business clients. We can also analyse key areas of your infrastructure including network performance, data storage and client virtualisation.

  • Office 365

    4 enterprise solutions for the price of 1, Office 365 delivers 31.7% savings* on SMB and Enterprise level deployment over a 5 year period.

  • Finance & Lease Solutions

    Benefit from significant infrastructure investments immediately by spreading the cost over three to five years with our vendor assisted, flexible and low interest finance and lease solutions.

While Port-P offers cutting-edge IT solutions, our service ethos is distinctly old-fashioned, with an emphasis on the value of relationships and excellent service. Since our birth back in 1994 - selling toner cartridges - we have always aimed to treat customers as we would want to be treated ourselves, with courtesy, respect and understanding.

Today we offer clients, old and new, a personalised, professional and human approach to deploying servers, data storage and networking as well as supplying run-rate items such as PCs, peripherals and supplies. We offer a full range of services, including VMware Capacity Planner, network analysis, server consolidation and data storage performance and requirements.

Our biggest asset is our people, many of whom have worked for us for over a decade. All clients have a dedicated relationship manager to service day-to-day requirements such as desktops, printers, supplies and peripherals. In addition, we have teams of server, storage, networking and licensing specialists as well as having exceptional support from key vendors due to our high level of accreditations. More >

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