Save money on original print supplies with our Big Supplies Program.

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We saved 22% on original HP supplies.
— Wilmott Dixon

We were born as a consumables and supplies company back in 1994. Even though our company has grown since then, our philosophy when it comes to supplies hasn’t changed in almost 20 years – deliver the right product, to the right place, on time, whilst offering exceptional service at defined and clear savings for our clients. This page explains a little about our Big Supplies Program and also explains how our lack of warehousing and computer system can save you money.

Savings in excess of 18% are achievable, and with one client, Wilmott Dixon, we recently saved them 22% on original HP supplies.

Port-P works with our clients to ensure that they benefit from their volume purchasing power by securing discounted costs from the manufacturer. This approach is similar to the special bid pricing traditionally used on large hardware requirements such as desktops, servers and storage.

The Big Supplies Program is set up between you, our client, the printer manufacturer and Port-P to reward our clients for their decision to use original supplies (toner, media, ink and storage).



Who qualifies for the Big Supplies Program?

Any client that spends in excess of £100k ex VAT on print supplies is eligible. Port-P works with the print manufacturers behind the scenes to deliver the best value package that can be compared to the results of traditional tender or e-auction approaches.



What sort of information is required?

We ask for data on purchases from the previous six to twelve months, including number of delivery points and frequency of orders, and then build a business case directly with the manufacturer for discounted pricing.

The data ideally should include part codes and quantities on all toner, print media, ink and data storage tapes as we work to secure discounts on all of these areas. Port-P can work with clients on collating this data if it is not readily available as, from our experience, the more the clients spend on supplies, the larger the resulting discount.

The process of delivering the potential savings takes between six and twelve weeks from agreeing the client’s usage data with the client.



How is the pricing calculated?

The price discounts are agreed in relation to the list price of items. This means that in the event that the price of a product goes up or down, the same percentage discount is applied. From an administration viewpoint, Port-P delivers the supplies at the discounted prices to the client and then deal with all administration and claims in the background. This approach ensures that the client orders and is invoiced at the correct discounted price and does not have the administration burden of making claims and adjusting cost centres themselves.