Product Supply

Our brief: getting the right thing, to the right place, on time.

Photo by Martin Barraud/OJO Images / Getty Images

The great speed of our response and the accuracy of our deliveries was a constant message that shone out from our clients in our recent customer experience survey. Of course this has lots to do with our terrific account managers but we also have to credit our systems people too.  Indeed, we are connected to all major distributors in the UK electronically so we monitor price and stock of every IT products available in the UK on a regular basis. Rather than having a huge, expensive warehouse ourselves, we have been shipping directly from distribution for over 21 years.  This means:



Same Or Next Day Service

If a product is in stock in any distributor in the UK we can deliver it on a next day basis (this can also be same day in some geographical locations) meaning that we fulfill orders faster than competitors who stock products themselves.

Lower Costs

As we have no stock, our overheads are lower meaning that we can operate on slimmer margins. We have no warehouses, money invested in stock and lower logistic costs as we deliver direct.



Transparent Cost Plus

We offer to work on an agreed cost plus basis with clients on run-rate items allowing the client to audit our cost and sell prices at any time.

Price Auctioning

As we monitor the cost price available from distribution we buy at the cheapest available price and then apply the agreed discount for the client, passing the further saving to the client because we have auctioned every order.