Infrastructure Services



When considering making changes to IT systems, we can work with our clients to analyse the performance of their existing systems to ensure that their future financial investments pay.

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To help you evaluate, plan and design an optimal solution, Port-P offers a range of services to help shape your strategy. These are listed below. In addition, we also regularly host a series of workshops in key technology areas as well as proof of concept for proposed solutions.

All of our planning services are overseen by a Director to ensure you have one point of contact for your projects.



Server Virtualisation Planning & Consolidation Service

To help you plan and design an optimal server virtualisation solution that achieves maximum performance and return on investment (ROI). This service is also useful for clients that virtualised several years ago to analyse actual performance as well as check optimal licensing and upgrades.

Desktop Virtualisation Consolidation Viability Assessment

We offer a virtual desktop viability assessment service to help establish which virtualisation platform suits your needs best including Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly MS Terminal Services) and VMware Horizon Suite (formerly VMware View).



Data Storage Assessment

This service is useful to decide if you can benefit from storage tiering, consolidation and helps shape disaster recovery solutions.

Rack and Blade Server Consolidation & ROI Service

We offer return on investment calculations to reduce licensing and running costs as well as environmental analysis including annual carbon reductions.



Networking Performance Analysis

Our network analysis service interrogates and monitors your network to identify throughput and potential bottlenecks. This can be extended to include you WAN where necessary.

Security Assessment

This consultancy service allows a confidential and independent review of your network to be carried out by specialised engineers to identify potential vulnerabilities from both inside and outside of your company.