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Benefit from significant infrastructure investments immediately by spreading the cost over three to five years with our vendor assisted, flexible and low interest finance and lease solutions.

Using vendor-assisted finance can help unlock budgetary constraints by unlocking your future year’s budgets by making them available for technology refreshes – now. You will benefit from predictable monthly or quarterly payments as well as receiving enhanced pricing discounts via special bid pricing as your immediate spend is larger!

Choose from two basic types of leases: an operating lease or a finance lease. Either type of lease allows you to bundle hardware, software and services, into one lease with one monthly or quarterly payment.

Operating lease:

  • Pay for the use of the equipment, not its ownership

  • At the end of the term, simply return the equipment to us or purchase it for its Fair Market Value (FMV)

  • Help achieve desired treatment for financial reporting purposes

Finance lease:

  • Ideal for customers who plan to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term

  • Spread payments over time and own the equipment at the end of the term

Do you have an existing lease?

Simply email us the details and we can supply you goods directly  while invoicing your finance company directly.

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