If you have the ability to integrate an e-procurement system, we have the tools, skills and systems to connect directly to you.

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Efficient processing. Greater control.

Integrate your back office system into our e-procurement system and you’ll maximise your purchasing efficiency. Automating steps such as product imports, stock updates and the latest pricing available.

Why use Port-P for your e-Procurement partner?

  •  Dynamic personalised cataloging
  •  Variety of product catalogue formats  
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Updated stock and availability live
  • Real time transactions using API


The Benefits of E-Procurement

One of the key areas of debate currently in the procurement sector is the how e-commence can be harnessed to improve the efficiency of organisations and thus can be used to support the drive for organisation profitability.

E-Procurement Defined

Electronic procurement, commonly referred to as e-procurement, defines the automation of procurement and supply chain processes using internet based applications and technology. Reducing time and costs without compromising on standards and quality is key to e-procurement.



E-Procurement Advantages

There are many benefits to be found from using e-procurement within an organisation, and the following are just some of the key points:

  • Reduced Transaction Time: individual business activities (transactions) can be completed much more quickly; they are not restricted by office hours and may not even need human intervention, thus increasing the capacity to complete transactions on a real-time basis.
  •  Electronic catalogues: the development of e-catalogues has enabled Port-P to provide specific catalogues which relate to your business only.
  • Simplified Company Procurement: With the e-procurement applications supporting systems we have a range of formats to accommodate your current system.
  •  Increase Productivity: As e-procurement automates some of the procurement and wider business processes typically handled by employees, this will free up time for the team to spend on more strategically significant functions and tasks.
  • Simple Configuration and Scalability: E-procurement applications can be configured to suit the individual needs for an organisation. Port-P can offer catalogues that are specific to the format you require in order for your internal system to accept the catalogue.
  •  More Cost Efficient: With the time reductions of internal staff shopping around for the best market price, our catalogues already compare the entire channel and offer the nest price based on stock and availability and much more, it isn’t surprising that e-procurement proves to be much more cost efficient than traditional procurement.