Our Culture



Our culture is one rooted in listening, exploring, questioning, researching, designing, calculating, challenging and leading.

Of course we also do delivering, quoting, invoicing, talking and, when really necessary, demanding.

Historically we have summer drinks, winter drinks, have explored Blackpool, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona together, as well as sometimes just socialising informally.



Our internal management style is centered on individual empowerment and we often have a dog in the office.  Equality is important; we are an equal opportunity employer.

Collaboration is core to our ethos.  As well as looking back and moving forwards, we collaborate internally and externally, try to use the best people for each task, to bring solutions and service to our clients that we are proud of.

Ultimately, despite all of our IT knowledge, we understand that people buy off people and we treat people how we like to be treated.  Quite old fashioned really.