Server virtualisation and storage for retail datacentre

Pain Points

  • Rapidly expanding workload requirements
  • Need to drive down Capex costs
  • No standardised purchasing

Final Solution (Phased Stages)

  • Fourteen Dell 4 Way CTO Servers, Tintri SAN and VMware
  • Solution value £350k +
Photo by john shepherd/iStock / Getty Images

Customer Engagement

This new client was introduced to Port-P in 2014 following a referral. Facing a significant workload increase, the client engaged with Port-P’s technical pre-sales teams to implement a standardised infrastructure protocol that was built around the existing hardware estate.  The aim of this protocol was to enhance performance and scalability as well as enabling known, planned, capex  and ownership costs.

The existing Dell server farm was expanded by Dell 4-way rack servers.  Following the consultation period these were ordered, built, tested and delivered to site within a 3 week time period. Work then immediately began on increasing the customers Tintri SAN storage estate. As a Tintri approved partner, Port-P were able to quickly qualify the sizing requirements and produce discounted pricing back to the customer, resulting in delivery to site of a fully qualified solution.

A second phase of additional servers was added in early 2015, followed by a smaller mini cluster of servers later in 2015.

During the course of the project Port-P also worked closely with VMware and the client to ensure the VMware licensing was appropriate and on the correct licensing model.   The high-level of integration and collaboration at high-level between the client and Port-P ensured a more cohesive and streamlined implementation and acquisition process moving forward.  Being accredited with many Tier 1 Vendors meant Port-P were able to advise on all aspects and stages of this expansion and ultimately, using close relationships with these manufacturers were able to drive economies of scale over the duration of the project. Furthermore, Port-P’s transparent approach to quoting left the customer feeling assured they were getting maximum value for money.

How our approach helped the client

Port-P were able to draw on years of multi-Vendor relationships and knowledge to guide the client through a large scale expansion to their VMware and Storage estate, realising cost efficiencies for the customer. Furthermore, through the entire project, by working with Port-P the customer was able to implement a more formalised approach in Purchasing in partnering with Port-P, one that introduced the means by which the customer could easily benchmark pricing across the board, from toner supplies to complex infrastructure projects.

Port-P continue to act as a trusted advisor to this customer, consulting across a broad range of product, vendors and disciplines, and can be counted among a number of reference sites Port-P can provide.