New storage and disaster recovery for a logistics specialist

Pain Points

  • Rapidly expanding business
  • Need for disaster recovery
  • Reutilisation of existing assets where possible

Final Solution

  • HPE C7000 BladeSystems with Flex Fabric
  • HP BL460c BladeServers
  • Storeonce VSA
  • VMware SRM
Photo by Alexey Fursov/iStock / Getty Images

The Project

This logistics and warehousing specialist has been a client of Port-P since 2009, when we first partnered with them to migrate from standard chassis servers to blade servers. This deployment was further scaled-up with subsequent blade and chassis additions in 2011 and 2013.

Fast forward to 2015 and the customer felt they were starting to outgrow their existing environment, especially with regards to storage, and furthermore they felt they were lacking a suitable disaster recovery (DR) solution.

Having successfully deployed all previous blade projects, Port-P were again asked to assist. Following several meetings to fully understand the long term business goals, and detailed analysis of the performance of the existing estate, Port-P proposed a completely new primary site infrastructure based on a new C7000 Chassis with advanced Virtual Connect Flex Fabric network modules (To find out more please use the link at the end of this document). To ensure a minimum 5 year platform for growth, HPE 3Par storage, featuring solid state disks (SSD) and automatic performance tiering was proposed. A second unit was included for DR.

To leverage previous investment, Port-P was also able to demonstrate that some of the existing infrastructure could have its support extended and be re-purposed within the new solution. As such the existing Bladesystem became the DR site failover VMware cluster, and the existing HPE P4000 SAN had HP’s Storeonce Backup solution applied by way of virtual appliance and became the primary disk based backup platform.

The final piece in the new solution was Site Recovery Manager by VMware. As an existing VMware user it was a clear choice to include this mechanism for automating and managing their DR policies. Furthermore SRM allows organisations to test DR at any time with no impact on production services.

In April 2015 the customer signed off on the project and Port-P then project managed the onsite deployment and consultancy required to first configure the new platform, and then to migrate across from the old and setup implement the new DR solution.

Results and Conclusion

Having been a long standing and highly accredited HP enterprise partner, Port-P were able to map the customers’ needs and challenges across a number of HP technologies. By providing an end to end hardware solution from one Vendor allowed Port-P to drive economies of scale and secure very aggressive price support from HP.   Indeed, the pricing was optimised to enable a duplicate 3Par SAN to be provisioned to ensure zero degradation in performance in the event of site failover.

Port-P continue to work with this customer across all facets of IT.  References are available