Microsoft licensing for major food retailer

Pain Points

  • Need to re-structure licencing path
  • Difficulty in annual budgeting
  • No structured upgrade path for licencing

Final Solution (Phased Stages)

  • 3 Year Open Value Agreement with Software Assurance.

Photo by Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs/Hemera / Getty Images

Customer Engagement

This long standing customer of over a decade invited Port-P to conduct an audit of their Microsoft Licencing and look at ways to manage and plan more effectively than the current sporadic licensing approach.

In view of the customer product mix and desktop strategy they wanted a choice around flexibility for desktop applications and long term strategy on core Infrastructure whilst owning the licences outright.

Port-P conducted a review and after demonstrating various offerings around subscription and ownership agreements and it was agreed that a 3 year Open Value Subscription with Software Assurance would be the ideal platform for the customer to move forward.

Results & Conclusion

This allowed the customer to budget the same costs for a core server licencing for a 3 year period with no change in costings over that time. Having Software Assurance also allowed the customer to benefit from the latest product free of charge over the agreement term.

After the 3 year term this also allowed the customer to own the product versions and also gives them the opportunity to keep current with their versions.