Microsoft licensing and software assurance for leading economics specialist

Pain points 

  • Large Capex costs for MS Licenses
  • Up front purchase for the entire licence and new cost for new versions

Final solution

  • Open Value Subscription with Software Assurance
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Customer engagement

This long-term client is an early adopter of new software and needed a flexible and cost effective licencing model to ensure updates with known costs.

Port-P conducted a consumption report on all of the licenses the client utilised to establish need verses purchase history.

The account manager orchestrated an analysis with cost difference from outright purchase compared to value subscription with Software Assurance over 3 years.

The 3 year OVS agreement clearly demonstrated a number of benefits to the customer. A large Capex cost was now a much more manageable operational expense. Furthermore, by including Software Assurance, the customer was able to benefit from free upgrades to new software versions as they were released.

Lastly, the client now had just a single agreement to manage, one that allowed for simple annual adjustments in terms of client device quantities.

Results and Conclusion

This resulted in the lowest up-front costs of the Open program options with the flexibility to annually amend client device numbers.

It gives the company the rights to run the latest versions of software without incurring upgrade costs.

The overall benefit is that the customer can now comfortably manage a single solution with reduced costs.