Microsoft agreement for national cold store provider

Customer challenges

  • Customer was struggling to achieve the full value expected from software licensing.
  • Did not have the necessary applications required for certain tasks. 

Final solution

  • Office 365 was explored in order to get clearer overview as to what the customer required.
  • Microsoft agreement  
  • SQL Server Standard Core Licensing OLV     
  • Windows Server Data Centre Licensing OLV-
  • Office Pro Plus Licensing SAP OLV 1Y Ent            

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Customer engagement

Port-P has developed a strong understanding of the IT infrastructure within Food Distributor over the years. Having working side by side, the account manager entered new territory and broached the IT staff about their licensing and asked two important questions. Firstly, were they achieving full value from their current licensing range and secondly are their current agreements up to standard were the company to expand?

This was something Food Distributor had never fully considered and purchased licensing on an ad-hoc basis generally renewing without viewing what was available across the market. Firstly, the Account Manager decided to conduct a Software Licence consumption report for Food Distributor. Once generated this allowed Port-P to understand which licenses were being utilised, which licenses were required and stopped any unnecessary duplications from occurring that would have meant extra expenditure.

The account manager then introduced two options; SQL Server in combination with Office Professional Plus and alternatively Office 365 and the various packages for Microsoft Exchange. Port-P technical team supported by Microsoft were able to undertake analysis around the key benefits it would have on the organisation. With Port-P’s assistance it was decided after many discussions that it was not the correct time for the business to invest in Office 365.

Being able to eliminate Office 365 was a crucial part of Port-P’s software investigation. The depth of information provided by Port-P allowed the company to make an informed decision as to what was the correct option for the business. Once both parties agreed and were satisfied with Port-P’s conclusions as a value added partner, the correct software licenses were initiated at the best value provided to the business for a number of years. 

Results and Conclusion

Now using SQL Server Standard and Pro Plus the customer plans to use Port-P to conduct further analysis as they are seriously considering investing in Office 365 licenses by way of enhancing their software environment.

The customer was extremely pleased with the level of value provided and the project has helped to establish an ongoing relationship.