Handheld terminals and peripherals for global logistic organisation

Photo by Tom Merton/OJO Images / Getty Images

Customer Challenges

  • Project timeline – tight deadline 6 weeks to deliver
  • Large Scale Project- various branches to the deal, had to be duplicated.

Final solution

  • Total value - £150,000      
  • Motorola and Zebra equipment
  • Motorola Support and Service
  • Zebra Support

Customer Engagement

This long term client secured a seasonal contract which required them to provide packaging for a gift company. This had not been on the horizon and work had to begin immediately.  The contract demanded extra resource of tools which the customer did not own and were not experienced using the technology. It was paramount that they obtained the best price possible for the equipment as it was only required for one project and therefore had a small return on investment.

Once the project began the Port-P account manager undertook lengthy discussions around other facets of the organisation in order to get a holistic view as to how the business operated. The account manager uncovered that another site was doing the same project; the account manager began to engage with both contacts to understand the time constraints and pricing placed on each site. The account manager then submitted a combined bid doubling the size of the project. This meant that the price obtained from the second larger bid was far stronger than the original price creating exceptional value across the entire project.

The account manager worked directly with the contacts and Motorola. Port-P’s technical team were instrumental in forging a coherent solution and they further organised trials, demonstrations and Proof of Concept’s all within the short space of time allowed for the deal to be completed. The client relied upon Port-P support and technical guidance throughout ensuring that the implementation ran seamlessly. 

Results and Conclusion

The customer was extremely happy. Due to the high value of the project and company policy the customer was obliged to tender the kit for 3 quotes. From working closely with the customer and vendor Port-P was able to obtain the best price and secure the deal.

The customer was impressed by Port-P’s overall project management. This included the level of communication, week-by-week updates and managing expectations on delivery.

Both sites received the equipment promptly before their Christmas contracts began and the work was completed ahead of schedule.