VMware host server refresh for public sector transport body client

Pain Points

  • Aging servers no longer able to support required workloads
  • High support renewal costs

Final Solution

  • Five Configure to Order Servers
  • Solution value £75,000
Photo by Bikeworldtravel/iStock / Getty Images

Customer Engagement

This West Midlands based transport provider first engaged with Port-P regarding a refresh of their VMware host servers in April 2014.They were starting to experience performance issues and rising support costs due to the age of the existing hardware.

Through ongoing close communication with the customer, Port-P were able to define the final Host Server specification, one that balanced up front Capex costs with long term performance guarantees ensuring a minimum 5 year lifecycle.

Whilst the client had been a long time user of HPE Servers, Port-P conducted due diligence on the customer’s behalf by putting together quotes based on the same specifications from other Vendors such as Dell and IBM.

By conducting this due diligence Port-P were then able to go back to HPE and by leveraging our Partner status were able to negotiate further discounts in order to drive maximum value for money for the customer.

The order was placed on the 1st October 2014 and with Port-P managing the procurement process with HPE, the servers were delivered three weeks later. A further benefit of Port-P proposing ‘Configure to Order’ models was that the customer received complete ready built and tested servers, ready for immediate deployment, meaning their Internal IT team could quickly and efficiently move the VMware deployment across to the new Host Cluster.

Results and Conclusion

As an highly accredited multi-Vendor provider, Port-P were able to drive the maximum investment value on behalf of the customer, and with in-depth knowledge of the HPE server portfolio, Port-P were able to provide a solution that was quick to deploy to site, allowing IT to drive further efficiencies within the business.