PC refresh for HQ of a regional retail group

Pain Points

  • Part of scheduled Head Office refresh
  • Maximum budget of £400.00 per unit 

Final solution

  • 74 x HP EliteDesk desktops
  • 27 x HP EliteBook SSD laptops
  • Value of £50,000

Photo by Noel Hendrickson/DigitalVision / Getty Images

Customer engagement

A Head Office refresh had been on the horizon for some time for this regional retailer and Port-P was fully aware of the importance to this client that maximum value was achieved. They required the smallest footprint PC at an ideal maximum cost of £400.00 per unit.

The Port-P account manager took responsibility for researching the most suitable options across the market, analysing vendors such as Lenovo, Dell and HP. Having completed the analysis Port-P recommended a HP solution. Being a HP Gold Partner, Port-P was then able to achieve significant discount by conducting negotiations with our HP account manager.

Furthermore, having understood Regional retail groups long term strategy, which included future PC refreshes, Port-P made the decision to incorporate all of the units required over the next 6 months into one deal, and therefore achieved significant pricing reductions. This highly attractive pricing was then used for this specific piece of work as well as the other parts. The customer was extremely pleased by this outcome and how well the deal had been managed that they did not see any reason to look elsewhere for quotations.

Results and Conclusion

The order matched the customers preferred specifications and budget.

Regional retail group were aware that this deal along with upcoming pieces of work had to be handled succinctly. This has increased the confidence they have in Port-P the total value of the entirety of work that was due to take place.

Overall the customer felt assured knowing that they had the right pricing in place for the upcoming refreshes. In turn this led to greater efficiency and the IT team could direct their focus onto other matters safe in the knowledge Port-P had managed their future PC expenditure.