Video cameras and video production suites for a global organisation

Customer Challenges

  • Lengthy delivery times
  • Specific deadline to meet 

Final solution

  • Panasonic Cameras
  • Panasonic Controllers
  • Panasonic High-Powered Lens    
  • Contact value £130,000+       
Photo by DeshaCAM/iStock / Getty Images

Customer engagement

This was a new opportunity for Port-P to work on a complex and competitive videography deal.

Port-P researched a number of technologies across the market in order to find the exact specifications, quality and value that matched the targets set by this global organisation. Panasonic was a new alternative that had not previously been considered but matched all of the criteria and exceeded expectations.

The Port-P account manager liaised with the Panasonic account manager to organise evaluation technology and proof of concepts to be sent to their IT team. They were given full demonstrations to highlight the key benefits of what to expect from the solution. This opened up conversations to fully understand how the equipment was going to be used and how the cameras performance could be further enhanced through additional hardware.

Through further exploratory work Port-P uncovered that various areas of the business had similar equipment needs. The project grew exponentially from that point onwards. When the Account Manager came to brokering the deal they were able to achieve significantly reduced pricing for all of the different sectors within the global organisation because they had combined each requirement into one entire order. From then onwards the cameras were rolled out to each of the sectors when they were required. 

Results and Conclusion

Project was completed ahead of schedule and was provided below budget to the customer’s satisfaction.

From this positive experience the customer now chooses to work with Port-P for similar equipment and other projects with a constricted deadline. Port-P’s input is hugely valued and plays a fundamental role in the decision making process used at the company when designing a solution.