Asset Management across Europe for large media client

Pain Points

Thousands of devices across numerous countries

No existing asset management

No centralised patch management or change control


Final Solution

Dell Kace Virtual Management appliance with 4000 node license

Photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media / Getty Images

Customer Engagement

This global manufacturer of media disks approached long term solution provider Port-P in July 2014 faced with the increasing challenge of tracking and managing thousands of IT devices spread across multiple sites in Europe. This challenge extended beyond not just physical asset management, but changes and patch management and policies.

Working closely with key client stakeholders in both the UK and Austria, Port-P evaluated numerous asset management solutions before finally proposing Dell’s Kace management platform.

Port-P arranged several online webex meetings and demonstrations between all parties so that the solution was clearly defined, and shown to ‘tick all the boxes’ of what the customer needed to achieve.

After four months of close collaboration on the project, Dell Kace was accepted by the customer as the most proven and capable Enterprise Asset Management system available to them. Port-P then leveraged its relationship with the Dell channel to negotiate final pricing on behalf of the customer to ensure maximum value for money.