Consumable and supplies management for retailer with 1650+ stores

Pain Points

  • Need to drive down consumable pricing      
  • Storage & Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Tracking

Our Solution

Centralised and simplified distribution of commodity product delivered into the customer’s individual numerous UK stores, whilst benefiting from upfront long term costing.

Photo by ermingut/iStock / Getty Images

Customer Engagement

Port-P were brought into this opportunity to work with a UK high street retailer to look at ways of helping the customer drive down costs of commodity consumable product and look at further ways of helping manage and improve the supply chain to over 1650 stores.

Initially Port-P liaised between the procurement team and the manufacturer to understand the total package and distribution of these products to store.

To keep the solution easy to manage for the customer, Port-P collaborated on the customer’s behalf with supply chain management around packaging requirement for each of the items.

Each item was then asset tagged and sent into flexible warehousing, strategically located in shared user sites across the UK for the customer to allow the customer easy next day delivery to its individual stores as and when required.