Infrastructure refresh for leading fire and security manufacturer

Pain Points

  • Increased compute requirements
  • Aging storage nearing end of support
  • Need for disaster recovery

Final Solution

  • BL460c Blades with 10GB Interconnects
  • HPE TOR 10GB Switches
  • StoreOnce VSA
  • Reconfiguration and re-utilisation of some existing assets
Photo by HadelProductions/iStock / Getty Images

Customer Engagement

Port-P have been a trusted IT supplier and partner to this security and fire detection specialist since 2008.  In 2012 we worked with the client to take advantage of the benefits of virtualisation and server consolidation, using HPE BladeSystem servers and P4000 Storage as the core of the solution.

Come 2015 and the storage was nearing the end of its 3yr asset lifecycle, and the clients compute requirements had significantly grown as the demand for the clients products exceeded all expectations.  Moving forward, as their business became more and more valuable, they had also identified a lack of resilience and disaster recovery as a going concern.

Our business relationship meant that Port-P had a thorough understanding of this clients business, including their goals and ambitions, need for cost efficiencies and the potential impact of a major IT outage in the main data centre.  This meant that we were not only able to quickly put together a full end to end solution, including a new SAN sized for 5 years scalable growth, but also able to identify a number of devices that could be put under extended support coverage and re-purposed into the new backup and DR environment. To cover the increased compute requirement was simply a case of adding an extra Blade server to the existing C3000 chassis.

The final solution factored in several existing and planned remote sites replicating back into a central backup repository using the original P4000 SAN using new software and configuration to further leveraging ROI from this existing hardware. In addition, the existing remote site servers were also re-purposed to provide local backups for each branch location.

Upon sign off on the order in May 2015, Port-P fully project managed the deployment to site, initially building and testing the new hardware, and then providing consultants on site to configure the software and migrate from old storage system to new. The configuration of the new backup and DR elements was dealt with as a separate second phase to the project, allowing all parties to check and monitor the new primary SAN to be functioning as expected before re-purposing the original P4000.

Results and Conclusion

Through a long term and collaborative relationship with this client, Port-P was ideally placed to advise and guide the customer on their next phase of major IT investment. Substantial Capex savings were achieved on the project through the considered use of existing devices.

By providing a storage device suitable for at least 5 years growth with 5 years support bundled up front, this client’s longer term OpEx costs have also been consolidated and reduced.