How predictive analytics have landed a leading role in IT operations

Photo by petrelos/iStock / Getty Images

Predictive analytics. What are they?

You’d be right in thinking they sound like something straight out of a Hollywood movie - having featured in recent blockbusters including Minority Report, Moneyball and The Bank.

But away from the glamour of Hollywood and back in reality, predictive analytics have landed a starring role in IT operations.

Thanks to the speed at which technology is developing, the reliance businesses place on IT has never been greater. However, just as every Hollywood movie needs a villain, the bad guy in this story is the dreaded storage outage.

Waiting in the wings to prevent storage outages are predictive analytics – a form of advanced analytics that use both new and historical data to forecast future activity, behaviour and trends.

Predictive analytics apply statistical analysis techniques, analytical queries and automated machine learning algorithms to data sets to create predictive models. This data is then used to place a score on the likelihood of a particular event happening. And in some cases, fixes the problem automatically before it affects the user.

The National Theatre (NT) in London is utilising this technology across their storage arrays with InfoSight, HPE’s advanced predictive analytics tool.

InfoSight ensures the NT’s storage remains reliable at all times by alerting them to a problem before it even happens. It also integrates, automates and substantially simplifies storage admin tasks which frees up critical time for their IT team to focus on other business initiatives.

What a happy ending!


Nimble Flash Storage from HPE comes complete with InfoSight, HPE’s advanced predictive analytics tool which identifies and resolves 86% of storage issues before users even know they have a problem.

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