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Looking back, moving forwards: marking 21 years in business

Photo by Chris Hepburn/iStock / Getty Images

What a journey it has been so far!  Many of us had full heads of hair when we started working at Port-P, and certainly many of us never expected to be collaborating in the same business for such a significant amount of time.  While our founder, Mark Paget, has been around since launch day on 23rd October 1994, many of us have been here for more than a decade.  Indeed the average length of service here at Port-P is a little over nine-and-half years!




As we have grown and developed, witnessed the arrival of the internet and the cloud, watched our friends, colleagues, business relations and families develop and change, the arrival of our 21st birthday seemed an appropriate time to see what our clients and we thought of ourselves.   We commissioned a customer experience survey, the results of which can be found here, and we also looked through all of our marketing, photographs and employment records, as well as reminisced over a few glasses of beer.


What you, our clients told us in the survey feedback, is that our values of trust, honesty, respect and our desire to 'do a good job' are as critical to everyone at Port-P today as they were on the day we opened.  Indeed, most of you loved our account managers - with a staggering 82% of you rating them as 9 out of 10 or higher.  As a company we do care about our clients, our staff and our partners; we aspire to be open, transparent and easy to deal with while delivering the best in client care. 




Another thing that hasn't changed is our fierce independence!  Indeed, Port-P remains steadfastly manufacturer agnostic; we work with you to identify the best solution for your specific needs rather than promote specific manufacturers or technologies.  Our green credentials also stay in place, and, where possible, we re-utilise some of your existing IT assets within our solutions to minimise costs and maximise value.


Those of you that believe in birth signs and personality traits will probably not be surprised to know that our founder is a Virgo.  Error management and seamless service is crucial to our ethos and we strive to reduce all errors to a minimum.



Moving forward, we hope that we can continue to build relationships with clients old and new, hope that we can take some hassle out of your busy and stressful lives, and hope that the world of IT stays as challenging and satisfying as the last 21 years have been!

Thank you.

Everyone at Port-P